Forte has complex and flexible MIDI routing, so MIDI that comes in through ports is split to different plugins, modified, filtered out, and altered in various ways depending upon your scene configuration.  Sometimes you need to know what MIDI is actually being sent to a particular plugin after all of the modifications.  This can be done by using the MIDI monitor.

The MIDI monitor for any plugin is accessed by opening the instrument console, clicking the MIDI Routing tab, Selecting a port/channel on the left and selecting the MIDI Monitor tab on the right.

The monitor is updated in real-time with MIDI activity.  Note that NOTE OFFs are listed as "auto-generated" NOTE ON messages with a velocity of 0.  Forte tracks NOTE ON messages and makes sure that on scene changes and other events, the equivalent NOTE OFF (same as NOTE ON velocity 0) is generated.  By design NOTE OFFs are not from a particular MIDI port but are generated by Forte itself.