The Configuration Manifest feature in Forte was added to provide you with more and better tools for stability.  The manifest is a list of every module (EXE and DLL) loaded with Forte (for OS experts, this means all of the executable modules loaded into the forte.exe process space).

This provides a single list that includes valuable information about:

  • Your OS version
  • Your Forte version
  • Plugins you are using including version
  • Audio driver versions (ASIO)
  • Important performance related Forte options (from your OPTIONS.INI file)

There are several ways to use this.

  • A manifest can help us diagnose issues with your system by helping us reproduce issues.
  • A manifest can help you identify changes in your system when things aren't working as well as they used to.

Here are the Manifest related commands in the Tools menu:

Create Installation/Configuration Manifest...
Capture Forte manifest information and optionally embed it in the current rack file for later comparison.  You will be asked if you wish to embed the manifest information in the rack file for future comparison (see Validate Against Manifest).  The manifest is also placed in the Windows clipboard for pasting into support emails.
Validate Against Manifest
Compares a new manifest against a manifest created previous and stored in the rack file.
Copy Manifest to Clipboard
Copies the current manifest to the Windows clipboard.
Clear Manifest
Clears any manifest from the rack file.