Symptom:  A plugin setting is modified (e.g. by MIDI automation) but when you change scenes, it doesn't reset to the new scene value but instead remains as it was modified.

Cause:  The plugin Scene Commands may be set up for "Auto" which only applies a plugin configuration if it is different from the previous scene.  The MIDI automation may alter the plugin, but when the new scene is applied, if the configuration is the same as the previous scene, it will not be applied, leaving the plugin in the modified state.

Example:  Using the automated fader with two scenes which both set the volume for -INF.  If the scene commands for the insert fader are both set to "Auto" then any MIDI automation may alter the fader volume, but when the scene changes, the reset to -INF is skipped because the two scenes have the same plugin data and Forte doesn't know the parameter changed.

Solution:  Change the scene command for the plugins in all scenes to "Yes" which causes the scene data to be set unconditionally.