Forte comes with a plugin called "Automated Fader" which can be inserted on a bus or instrument module in the insert bin.  This plugin can be automated with MIDI to automatically change the volume of the bus or instrument module.

To use this, do the following:
  1. Insert the Automated Fader plugin on an insert bin (e.g on a bus insert)
  2. Double click to open it and switch to the MIDI Routing tab
  3. Notice that by default all MIDI input ports are disabled.  By default Forte does not send MIDI to insert plugins.
  4. Right click on the MIDI input port you want to receive MIDI on and select "Enable incoming MIDI on this MIDI port" in the popup menu.
  5. Open the tree control for that input port to show the 16 input channels
  6. Select the incoming channel you wish to receive automation MIDI on
  7. Select the Controllers tab on the right
  8. Notice that by default all MIDI controllers are disabled.  This is part of Forte's "default MIDI off" for inserts.
  9. Right click the To column of the CC number you wish to use and select the "Attenuation" parameter at the end of the popup menu.
Now test by sending the CC events in on the selected port and channel.  You can switch to the MIDI Monitor tab of the plugin to see events get transformed into "PARAM".