Before performing with any computer-based rig, you should use all the tools available to you to build confidence in your setup.  Remember that the reliability of your computer-based rig is not just about Forte, but about everything:

Your computer:
o Is it reliable?
o Does it boot reliably?
o Is it free of extraneous software and especially anything that could slow the computer down.
Your audio I/O device:
o Does the audio driver load every time the computer boots without issues?
o Are you able to play for extended periods of time without audio glitches?
Your MIDI I/O device:
o Is it reliable?
o If you you have more than one MIDI I/O device, do they come up in with consistent well-known port names?  Port names like "USB MIDI In" is not helpful.
Your audio plugins:
o Can they withstand hours of audio streaming without issues (e.g. memory leaks, crashes, other bugs)
Your rack file
o Are your scene changes responsive (hint:  slow scene changes are always slow because of individual plugins reloading sound data)?
o Is your setlist ordered correctly for smooth advance through the set?  Hint:  see Scenes, Songs, and Setlists
o Do you keep backups of your important rack files?


To help with these things, Forte includes several important tools you should be using to build confidence in your rig.  See Confidence Building Tools for more information.