Many functions of a rack file can be controlled remotely by MIDI Automation, including:

Change Schema from MIDI Program Change

Advance to Next Scene

Back to Previous Scene

Browse to Scene or Set Item

Transpose up or down one-half step

Tempo Adjust, Increment, and Decrement

Tap Tempo

Transport Play/Stop

MIDI Panic

Quick Scene Access (1-8)


And many others...

Set Up MIDI Automation

1. Open Rack Editor by pressing "RACK EDITOR" button on Control Module
2. Change to the "Global MIDI Automation" tab
3. Press the "Add..." button to show a menu of available automation actions.  Select one.
4. In the MIDI Automation item that is created, choose the source port, channel, kind, etc.
5. Press OK to close the Rack Editor


Advanced Topics

Full discussion MIDI Automation