Now Forte is running and you can see the Forte Control Module with its buttons for loading and saving rack files, adding instruments, etc.


Add an Instrument Plugin

Press the +INST button to open a menu of available instrument plugins.  Select a plugin and it will be added to your rack.


Note the Audio button on the right side of the Control Module is glowing red.  This indicates that audio is now streaming to your audio output device.  Press the Audio button to stop or restart audio streaming.

Tip:  You can also add a VST effect plugin and Forte will prompt you to select and audio input channel to feed it.

Edit the Plugin's Settings

Press the "down" arrow next to the plugin's name (highlighted in green above) to open the plugin UI.  Adjust the plugin settings as you desire and play a MIDI controller until the plugin sounds like you want it to.  Now you are ready to preserve the plugin's setup in a "Scene".

Snapshot the 1st Scene

Press the "NEW SCENE" button to snapshot a new scene, preserving the plugin's configuration as you last adjusted it.  A new scene with a name reflecting the current date and time will appear in the scene list.  This scene can be renamed later.

Snapshot a 2nd Scene

Adjust the plugin for a different sound and then press "NEW SCENE" again to preserve another scene with the new plugin settings.

Switch between Scenes

Now you can use the arrow buttons to move back and forth between the two scenes and the plugin sound will switch between the two.


Important point:  A scene is a "snapshot" of the configuration at the point in time when the scene was created (or updated).  Further changes to the plugin will not be preserved in the current scene unless you create a new scene or update the current scene.

Open SceneView to see the Performance Display

Press "SCENE VIEW" to open the SceneView display.  The rack view is the basic view for rack editing, but for performance open the SceneView to see a full screen display optimized for performance.  Press the "HIDE" button to hide SceneView and return to the rack display.

Save Your Rack

Press "SAVE" (or File|Save) to save your rack file for later use.  When ready press "LOAD" to select and reload your rack.

Advanced Topics

Use Scene Commands to control what happens to each plugin as a scene is selected for use
Use Rehearsal Mode during Rack editing to avoid accidentally switching scenes and losing changes
Organize Scenes into Songs and Setlists
Add Insert Effects to instrument and bus modules