If you are not getting MIDI to your plugins, here are some steps to try in Forte:

1. Use the Tools | Diagnostics display to count incoming MIDI events.  

If it never increments even when you play MIDI from a controller, then Forte is not seeing data from the MIDI Input Port Driver.  Check in options to make sure the right MIDI input ports are enabled.  You may also try something like MIDI-OX which is a MIDI Monitor app to see if the MIDI device/driver is working properly.

If it is always incrementing, then the MIDI device is probably sending active sensing, which is good because Forte is seeing it but you might want to turn it off at the controller to reduce MIDI traffic and make it clearer when you are getting deliberately sent MIDI

If it increments when you press a note or change a controller, then Forte is getting MIDI correctly and the problem lies with the way MIDI is filtered to specific plugins.

2.  Use the MIDI Monitor for each plugin

Each plugin has a MIDI monitor display what shows what MIDI is getting to the plugin after all filters are applied.  Open the plugin console (plugin GUI), select the MIDI Routing tab, select a MIDI port, and select the MIDI Monitor tab on the right.  This will show a log of all incoming MIDI data.  Play your MIDI controller and see if lines of text display on the MIDI monitor.

If you have MIDI at the diagnostic but not at the MIDI monitor, check your MIDI filter settings to make sure the port is activated to send MIDI through the filter.