In the Audio Settings is a configurable setting called "Number of Buffers".  This value defaults to "Auto" and should normally be left at this value unless support recommends trying a different value or if your experiments yield better results with a different value.

The number of buffers setting is the number of buffers Forte creates internally in its streaming engine and it can affect your MIDI to audio latency.  Forte runs the allocated buffers through the plugins and audio pipeline as fast as it can until it runs out of buffers, and then stalls waiting for buffers to become free as they are output to the sound card.  By setting up 10 buffers, what you are getting is a 10 buffer deep latency queue and then a stall as each individual buffer frees up and is re-used.

This setting was put in early in Forte's history just to have control over all the parameters of streaming.  Support has rarely asked anyone to change it to fix a problem.