If Forte has never been configured on your computer, a series of one time setup dialog boxes will appear:

Configuration Audio Options:  1st you will be asked to select the audio I/O device(s) you wish to use.  See Audio Options for details.  This decision is changeable later by selecting Program Settings.



Find Plugins:  2nd you will be notified that Forte has not found any plugins.  Press OK to start the Plugin Manager to configuration the location of your plugins and scan them into Forte for use.  See Plugin Manager for more details.  For now, you will be presented with the VST Scan Folders tab.  Add the location(s) of your VST plugins and press "Find my VST Plugins..." to continue.


This may take several minutes to complete, but after the scan the plugins will be instantly available to you when you run Forte in the future.

At the end of the scan, the VST Plugins tab will be visible showing the found VST plugins.  Press Close to continue.


Testing your Setup

Press the button labeled "+INST" to show a menu of available plugins.  The plugins found during the plugin scan should be in this menu.  If not, use Tools|Manage VST Plugins to return to the Plugin Manager.

Press the button labeled "+BUS" to show a menu of available audio outputs.  You may adjust this using Options|Program Settings and selecting the Audio Options category.

Verifying Version and Registration Information

Use Help|About to show Forte version information including your registration information.  This is also available on the program title bar.

Opening Online Documentation

Press the F1 key or use Help|Help menu to open Forte Help.