Forte Crashes

Forte crashes are usually accompanied by an offer to submit a crash report. Please do so if at all possible. Crash dump files are essential to finding and fixing crashes within the Forte application itself.

Plugin-caused Crashes

If a crash happens within a VST plugin, you will usually get a VST crash handler, which displays:
  • Forte version
  • Plugin version
  • Plugin vendor (if known)
  • The action Forte was attempting with the plugin when the crash occurred
Please report this to the plugin vendor first. If the plugin vendor believes this is a Forte issue, have them contact Brainspawn.

Blue Screen Crashes

Blue Screens are ALWAYS a result of a defective device driver. Typically this will be an audio driver, a MIDI driver, or a software protection device driver.


If Forte freezes during an operation, work to identify if the condition can be consistently reproduced, then try the following

Start in Safe Mode (launch Forte while holding down the left CTRL key) and exclude some of the plugins - reload the rack file and see if the hang can be reproduced. Retry as necessary until you narrow the hang to a specific plugin.

Start Task Manager (or Process Explorer at and see if the CPUs are 100% busy.

Open the Diagnostics display in the Tools menu and see if the dropout count in increasing during the freeze.

Make sure you don't have a MIDI feedback loop