Forte is not a traditional time-line based digital audio workstation.  However, Forte does have a transport (play/stop), and it is still useful to be able to communicate bar:beat information to plugins.

In Forte 4, we have added three new scene attributes available in the Rack Editor on the Scene Tab.  Press the DETAILS button to display these new scene attributes.

  • Starting Bar:Beat:  You can tell plugins which do have time-line awareness, which bar and beat to start on when either the scene is applied or the play button is pressed.
  • Rewind:  You can have the plugins revert to the start bar:beat or stay where they were stopped when the play button is deactivated.  If you rewind the plugin will revert back to the Start Bar:Beat value when you stop the transport and will resume from there when Play is reactivated.  If rewind is not selected, the play position will remain where it is stopped until the next scene is applied or Play is pressed to continue.  If a new scene is applied, the new scenes Bar Start position will reset the plugins to a new location.
  • Time Signature:  You can have plugins use time signatures other than 4/4 by entering the time signature.  This determines how the Bar:Beat counter works.