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forte 4 rebuild

my original forte rack was built using version 1.6 and had been added to for 12+ years. my original OS was vista. after 3 forte upgrades to forte 4.5, 5 OS upgrades to win10, and numerous system image restores, i had confused forte somewhere along the line. a rebuild was imminent, whether on a new host or on forte. after a couple weeks of GP, i determined that it used ram in a very detrimental way that would not work for me. Camelot pro looks promising but they skipped over me for a beta trial. i started from scratch in forte. reduced from almost 500 scenes to around 225, forte is stable again. So just some observations on final forte release:

   latest version of arturia mini V3 working fine (3.3) (although it likes to go a little out of tune, like the original lol). 

   latest version of m1 legacy (1.8) was bugsplatting forte, but when checking the rack option to disconnect on load, that has become stable!

   i also put omnisphere on this list, although i'm not sure that it's needed.

   of course kontakt 5 should be listed to not load on scene change and use 1 kontakt instance for each instrument needed. i think i have about 15. no problems there.

   i also put my 6 string and 12 string version of real guitar (acoustic) on this list to be safe.


forte still gives a random bugsplat that i can't narrow down. however, after initial  laptop startup, i find that if i open a rack, close it, then open it again, it doesn't happen. so i will use this doublestart method.

1 strange thing that hasn't happened in years, but has resurfaced: i use studiologic vmk176 plus. when starting forte, the midi meter will flash, and upon inspection, the studiologic is sending cc64 (sustain ) messages to forte, with no pedal connected to it. it is not sending these messages until forte is started. if i change the program on the studiologic and hit enter after forte is started, it works fine. very strange behaviour, but at least i have a workaround.

all in all, it's going to be fine until windows changes something, so i will patiently wait for something better and continue to use this awesome program.

Thx again Mike!!


David, thanks for sharing your experience.  Question; I wasn't sure what you meant with your comments regarding Omnisphere and putting it on a list?   A list of what?  Compatible?  Problematic?



that was misleading , sry. i checked the same box that i did for the M1. in rack editor, i checked the box to disconnect on load for omnisphere. my laptop is older, and i wanted to try and lighten the cpu load as much as possible. omni wasn't causing problems, but i have not had problems since checking the box, so i will leave it like that.

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