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forte > Cantibile... am I reading this correctly?

 Hi guys, help me out....

I've been reading the Cantibile guides at their site and am trying to wrap my head around how to implement forte-like behaviour.

The big difference seems to be that forte is based around the rig of plugins and saving their configurations into songs, whereas Cantibile is based around songs and the plugins used in them (like Mainstage, I guess).

It seems to get something similar to how forte sets up scenes and switches between them I would need to do the following..

Make a setlist of songs with their song parts. Same way I use forte, one song is made up of multiple scenes.

Save every plugin I use in a rack and ONLY load linked racks in Cantibile songs.

It seems that if you don't use linked racks for plugins, Cantabile will load a new plugin instance EVERY TIME you use it in a song. As I use 3 instances of u-he Zebra and 2 Diva, that would amount to a huge amount of RAM used and CPU cylces. Using linked racks would share the instances between songs, like forte does by default.

Now it gets a bit unclear to me. In order to use different sounds for the plugins in the racks in every song part, I also need to save rack parts with the sounds and switch between them as well as I go through the setlist (?).

Who's gotten on a bit with this?

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