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Where to go ?

In view of Mike's announcement - what will you guys try out? For me it 'll be Gig Performer I guess - anybody got experience from the migration?

Mike, I have found that GP mostly recovers from the “stopped working” message. Its best to force yourself to get up and walk away for 5 minutes. I didn’t at the start and had a couple of back to the start rebuilds before I realised that GP needed more time than I was prepared to give it. Just get up and walk away. Also, save often, even though saving seems to take a lot more time than it should. Forte on the other hand for me, never recovered from the same message. GP also gets a white screen from time to time and it mostly recovers from that too. Recoveries from both of the above are about 90% for me. David has concerns about loading times for each rackspace as you’ve no doubt been reading. That is a concern to me also as I would love to have an open list and the ability to have a random rackspace load quickly. However, my workaround is stable and is useable at this stage. Keep in mind that GP is not that old and will mature quickly as more users buy in (there is a Forte discount) and make suggestions. I think in the end it is wise to remember that we are working with computer technology, and as good as it is now (Compare Win 95 to Win 10 - just worlds apart) we will have failures from time to time. GP is so powerful with its midi blocks and multiple inputs. It’s all graphics which make programming so easy even if it still takes time to create a sophisticated rackspace.

well after a weeks worth of learning curve programming, GP is just not going to work for me at this point in it's development. if i play a note while predictive loading is running, the sound is very glitchy. they said they are working on a new loading system but it won't be available any time soon. i wish them luck, some of the features are awesome. Since i had to start over anyway, i installed the latest forte version, and am rebuilding my rig from scratch. it is going off without a hitch so far! the rack i have been using was created in 2006 and has gone through every forte upgrade without a new start. i have done so many system restores and system image replacements that something somewhere has gotten wonky. 

    Alan, something i relearned when starting anew is that if you want kontakt to load instantaneously within forte, you must list it in preferences/scene options. i have 1 instrument per kontakt instance because when this is enabled, the patch won't change. just a heads up.

Hi David. Well you’ll be pleased that you have made a decision. Several times I thought of doing the very same thing. But what stopped me was GP’s “patch persist”. All the time I was using Forte, I wanted to be able to change my Real Guitars from picking to strumming and back again within a song . Forte would not let me do it because I would need to change scenes to do so. For me, Forte was too slow with scene changes taking 4 to 5 seconds which would ruin the song. GP allows this seemlessly, and this is the reason I’m sticking with GP. I think GP has the potential to be great as it is already good now. Don’t delete your GP files. You could possibly come back to them someday. All the very best David.

forte does have that ability. you set the scenes up next to each other and uncheck "reset notes"box  on subsequent scenes on the scene commands tab. i've been using that for years.

Did you mean “reset all controllers” by any chance? If so, then it’s always been unticked for me. I haven’t ever been able to switch a scene seemlessly in Forte. How it was done in GP was to have two guitars set up in one rackspace with one guitar set to strum and the other set to pick. Then, using widgets, have a switch mute one then mute the other in succession, so only one was sounding at a time. The switch was activated via #cc command. It worked well.

to be more specific:1st, set kontakt  up where i told you on a previous post.

   {  Alan, something i relearned when starting anew is that if you want kontakt to load instantaneously within forte, you must list it in preferences/scene options.} 

    2nd, in the "scene commands" tab, set the 1st scene to whatever you need, probably auto. for any subsequent scenes, set them to no: do not ..., and most importantly, uncheck the "all notes off" box. this pertains to sustain from 1 scene to the next. save all scenes. dial up the 1st scene, hold ur sustain pedal and advance the scene. the sound should have held. this works for me using pianos and such. i'm not sure your specific need, but this is how forte can handle it. GP might be better for your needs, but forte is better for mine. GL!

Thanks David. Yes I’m committed to GP now. I’ve had a couple of great days programming songs and all went without a hitch. It’s a big decision to make to change software as the time involved is huge whether you rebuild your existing software or change to a new host. What I have discovered with Gig Performer and it’s widgets is that I can be playing my digital guitar and bring strings in for the chorus and then out again for the verse. Or even build the strings volume up as the song continues . I could never do this in Forte because of the absence of widgets. I’m really pleased I made the jump early into GP instead of rebuilding Forte due to the extra power that GP gives. It would have been annoying to discover the added benefits of GP halfway through a new Forte rebuild. I am a solo player and see how GP suits you more within the structure of a band. And thanks for the heads up over Kontakt in Forte too. I’ve since been told on the GP forum to purge the Kontakt samples then play a few notes and then save. When you do this, Kontakt only stores the samples for the notes you played and the saved file is much smaller. Mine went from 5.5 gigs down to 25 meg. All the best with your new Forte rebuild. It’s been great chatting with you and learning together as we’ve gone along. Take care buddy:)
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