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Forte Announcement....

Please see for an important announcement about the future of Forte.


After 15 years and four major versions, I’ve made the difficult decision to stop active development and support of Forte.  Forte has been a very rewarding product to create and I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you, even if only online.  However, given the current market for music software, and my own time , I don’t see how I can invest in the product going forward with enough time and quality to keep it competitive.

Forte licenses will continue to work as before because there is no dependency upon the web site, but I will no longer be releasing updates, selling new licenses, or servicing the support portal according to the following timeline:

February 28, 2018 – the online store will close and I will no longer sell new licenses.

May 31, 2018 – The support portal including the forums will shut down.


This should enable anyone who still wishes to purchase a license to do so and also enable users to download the product for future re-installation (including back revisions.)

Thank you all for your support of Forte over the years.  I hope it has been a useful tool in your musical endeavors.

Mike Garrett

Really sorry to hear that. I use it for 2 years now and absolutely love it. Heard about it in a Mark Kelly (Marillion) interview, tried it and it was exactly what I was searching for. Terrific work! Thank you.

Forte has made my live keyboard rig more exciting than ever.  Fantastic software!

Thank you very much Mike!  Best wishes to you for the future!

For my fellow users who have inquired about other VST host software, for live performance, I would highly suggest taking a good look at Gig Performer.  You can read my blog article about it here:

It was great being part of this community!

Mr B.

Mike, all of your users are so respectful, we all just wished you well.  But for the record, I DO wish you would continue development! I had a fleeting thought a moment ago that had we maybe asked you to continue... that may have been what you were looking for to help make your decision.  When we all just said farewell, you were like, "cool."  So just to ensure I make your decision more difficult... please continue development!  :-)

By the way, I do make money with your software.  Not a lot, because it's playing music, ya know. But I'd be willing to pay an annual fee for you to continue.  Maybe if enough folks were willing to pay whatever they felt, say between $100 and whatever annually, it might be enough incentive?  I'm good for more than the number I mentioned as long as I'm using the software for gigging.  #makinitharder

I´ve been using Forte now for 14 years and am totally happy with it. So I think I will go on using it as long as I can.
So really big Thanks to MikeG for his great work and support over all this years.
I´m also one of the users who would be fine with an annual fee, or paying for regualr version updates etc. but we all don´t know about the circumstances behind Mikes Decision and we need to respect it anyway and support him doing the right thing for him and his family/friends. I´m sure he had hard times deciding it.
But I´m asking myself if there could be any chance to sell the Program code to one of the other Players around? (Thinking of Camelotpro who is about to start very soon) Or making it available to become a Open source project?

Thank you all so much for the kind words about Forte and the experience.  Forte remains fully operational and if it works for you I hope you find it useful for as long as you need it.


Hello Mike,

I am very sorry to read about your decision, I know it must have been a difficult one.  Thank you for all your support over the years!  I'm trying to recall the year when I first became a Forte user, but I've upgraded hardware so many times over the years that I can't be sure.  The oldest download I have is version (January 2007?).

Over the years, you have listened to our requests for enhancements.  I'm especially thankful for the work you did on the 'transpose' feature!  I gig regularly with Forte and can say that my system is now the most stable it has ever been!

Thank you for Forte!!!

- David Brendon

I stopped by to ask if Forte 4 would work with the IRIG Blueboard midi wireless foot controller with the Firmware upgrade to Midi LE.

Very sad news indeed ... All the Best Mike and Thanks for a GREAT VST host!

Thanks   for  your excellent program.  i  have  been a  registered  user   for  Forte 2  and  3  and  never  upgraded  to 4.  I will be  sad  to  lose  it.  i  have   used  it  it for  my onstage work recreating  my eighties  sounds  for a popular Australian band I was  in  in  the  Eighties  called  Mondo Rock.  it  has  been  very  useful  to  me  and  i m  sad to see   it go. can  i  purchase  an  upgrade  for  Forte  4  or can  i  use  my  old  license  key  on  the  Forte  4   i figured  i should  upgrade  at  least  for  the  next while  while  i figure  out  what my  next solution  is  going  to be.  many thanks  for   your  work  over  the  years.  its  been a  great  host  for  me  ( but i still  find  laptops  nerve wracking onstage!) best  to you in  your  new endeavors James

Hi Mike

I only just found out about the closure of the online shop.

I was hoping to buy EHCO.

Am I completely out of luck?

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