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Forte Announcement....

Please see for an important announcement about the future of Forte.


After 15 years and four major versions, I’ve made the difficult decision to stop active development and support of Forte.  Forte has been a very rewarding product to create and I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you, even if only online.  However, given the current market for music software, and my own time , I don’t see how I can invest in the product going forward with enough time and quality to keep it competitive.

Forte licenses will continue to work as before because there is no dependency upon the web site, but I will no longer be releasing updates, selling new licenses, or servicing the support portal according to the following timeline:

February 28, 2018 – the online store will close and I will no longer sell new licenses.

May 31, 2018 – The support portal including the forums will shut down.


This should enable anyone who still wishes to purchase a license to do so and also enable users to download the product for future re-installation (including back revisions.)

Thank you all for your support of Forte over the years.  I hope it has been a useful tool in your musical endeavors.

Mike Garrett

I'm sorry to hear, that Forte is discontinued. However, thank you for your incredible work in the past!

Is there any chance to open-source Forte, now that active developement is stopped?

Best Burtan


Say it ain't so!  Thank you Mike for this wonderful program.  I have been using it since 2006 when I purchased my Open Labs Neko, and still use it today.  I wish you the best in your future!

Ouch! What else is there that is as easy to use as Forte? Recommendations?
While other programs have nicer UIs (Cantabile, LiveProfessor), Forte still has some features that are absolutely unique.

- Setlist/Song/Preset recalling. It's fast and includes sophisticated options to display sheets.
- Plugin preset recalling. It supports FXb/FXp, Program change and sending custom messages.

These are absolutely essential for me.


sad news indeed. i've been thinking about moving forte to a different PC in the future, possibly a microsoft surface. will this be possible after mar 31st? transfer activation to a new PC? Find a new host and start over? ackk!!

Thx for all your effort and help with Forte Mike. GL in future endeavors!


Thank you all for the kind words.  All license codes are not PC locked and you can reuse them for installations on different computers.


I am so sad to hear this. Years ago i decided to get back into the "synth" World and Forte provided a platform. It's very sad to hear this. Did you think about selling it to ??  Just a thought. Thank you for a great product and great support. !!!


Real sorry to hear! Good luck with whatever the future holds.

This really is a shame !
Some years ago I tested Forte tor the keyboard Live setup I planned, and was quite fond of it. But finally I found that is was not versatile enough for my very special needs. So I decided to use Reaper and do a lot of scripts to make it do what I want it to,

I now am really happy with my Live setup. I finally even was able to integrate a Controller board with Motor Faders to manage the important parameters of my plugins in a per-patch manner while live plying.

Hence I invite all Forte Fugitives to visit the Reaper Forums and discuss their needs. You will find many very helpful people over there.

Good luck to all of you !


Wow. So sorry to hear this Mike. I gig in 5 bands, using 4 different rigs. Forte has been a workhorse for me and I sure don't relish the idea of replacing it as OS changes start to mess with its stability.. 

I may have to take the plunge & upgrade to Producer before it's too late. Can I still get the coupon (I have Performer 4 + Echo)?

Mike, thank you very much for excellent software and great support all these years! And all the best for your new plans!

I will continue to use Forte for a while, for sure. 

Dear Mike, any plans to find a new home for the static version of the support section? For example, the WayBack Machine (see )

That would be really great, as there's a lot of info that may be very useful as long as there are Forte users.

Alternatively we could use a webcrawler app to download an offline version of the website.

Sad news indeed.
Good luck with all your future endeavours, Mike



Thanks for all your hard work, your development, your aid in the pursuit of one of the best VST players I could possibly think off. 

I have been using forte so long, it's a part of my rehearsal and live set-up. Can't think of anything else so versatile.

So, I'm going to keep using Forte, until issues my occur or software develops which could limit its use.

It was worth it, and it's sad to read it's ending here.

Good luck with your future plans.


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