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Forte is frustrating me

This problem is happening with 4.5.1 to 4.5.3.

I'll be happily editing away with a couple of Real Guitar vsts panned left and right. Suddenly I hear a click and the audio stops completely. The green indicators still flash but no audio will play. The only solution has been to delete the scene and rebuild it from scratch. So far I have rebuilt Win 10, reinstalled various Forte 4.5 versions, reinstalled some of the vsts, and reinstalled the Traktor sound card software. I have sent several dumps through to support. None of this has helped and the problem remains. Not sure if it is connected, but Forte is also crashing on exit about 50% of the time. All I want to do is play music, not try to fix software all the time. Any thoughts on possible fixes?

i would go back to the supported 4.2.8 release, and close using file/exit instead of the x at the top right of the window. i think the version you are using is beta. GL


I’ve been using the various iterations of 4.5 for a while because of the larger viewing settings for my old eyes. I’ll try using the shutdown method you suggest. Is that likely to stop the audio vanishing the way it does?

I reverted back to the 4.2.8 release and started using the file/exit close down method. Unfortunately, this didn't stop the audio disappearing with an audible click as stated above. Although it is a huge nuisance, if I could get the sound back by just clicking "something" it wouldn't be so bad (turning the audio off then back on does not help). As it is, I have to reload Forte and sometimes reboot Windows before I can get the sound back. Any further thoughts?

if it is only happening with real guitar, that could be the culprit. i remember changing the sample rate on my audio card from 44.1 to 48, and real guitar was wanting to change (convert) all the samples for some odd reason. i aborted and left it at 44.1. reinstall real guitar?

I have felt for a long time that there is some sort of clash between Forte and Real Guitar. Use RG in standalone mode and its fine. Incorporate it into Forte and odd things happen like weird slides downwards on some strings. This time, it is only the one scene that is clicking into silence. The other 12 scenes in the set featuring RG play fine. So far this morning, I have deleted the original scene and tried to rebuild it three more times since. Getting towards the end of fine tuning the scene, the dreaded click happens and no more audio. The only remedy is to delete and start all over again. Good thing I'm retired and have the time to keep trying to fix this. There must be some simple reason why just one scene keeps going dead. Mike - a quick fix please?

since you have a working scene, can you edit that and create a new scene to your needs?

Yes, been doing that. Would like to stop the audio vanishing though.
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