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MIDI Automation

I'm confused about how the MIDI automation is saved and restored. I made a setup and saved it by a name. When I leave the rack editor and go back in, it is gone - the saved name still exists. If I recall it the settings are gone. Maybe someone can explain how this works. I see the select boxes and the select all tab but don't know what it means to be selected. I checked the manual and online help but none seemed to have that information.

Any help would be appreciated!

what type of midi automation? i believe individual CC parameters are actually saved in each vst, not forte. but i'm not sure what you are trying to save. In kontakt 5  i.e., i set knobs to a CC, then save that patch within kontakt, save the scene , save the rack. 

In Forte 4 under the Rack Editor tab is the Global MIDI Automation tab where application wide MIDI it set up. As opposed to the individual VST MIDI events.

Hmm, i haven't had any trouble there. check that your MIDI channels are correct? Are you using the forte beta preview, or the official release (4.2.8)?

Using 4.2.8. I can add and use learn. It works. I can save the setup with a name. If I close the Rack Editor and reopen it all of the settings are gone. If I load the previous save all of the lines are there but the assignments are gone.
Did you ever figure out a resolution to this?  I've had this issue before in 4.2.8, and I am experiencing it in 4.5 right now.  I found that OLDER files I had save KEPT the correct MIDI Automation with them, but that newer ones don't...which is confusing as they were created with the same versions of the program!  Without being able to advance scenes remotely with my footswitch or buttons on my computer, the program doesn't do me a lot of good.


No I gave up. I think there are bugs there and now it looks like Mike is sunsetting Forte. I wanted to set up buttons on a small MIDI controller to bring up frequently used scenes. I could get it to work but it wouldn't save and recall them.
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