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MIDI Automation

I'm confused about how the MIDI automation is saved and restored. I made a setup and saved it by a name. When I leave the rack editor and go back in, it is gone - the saved name still exists. If I recall it the settings are gone. Maybe someone can explain how this works. I see the select boxes and the select all tab but don't know what it means to be selected. I checked the manual and online help but none seemed to have that information.

Any help would be appreciated!

what type of midi automation? i believe individual CC parameters are actually saved in each vst, not forte. but i'm not sure what you are trying to save. In kontakt 5  i.e., i set knobs to a CC, then save that patch within kontakt, save the scene , save the rack. 

In Forte 4 under the Rack Editor tab is the Global MIDI Automation tab where application wide MIDI it set up. As opposed to the individual VST MIDI events.

Hmm, i haven't had any trouble there. check that your MIDI channels are correct? Are you using the forte beta preview, or the official release (4.2.8)?

Using 4.2.8. I can add and use learn. It works. I can save the setup with a name. If I close the Rack Editor and reopen it all of the settings are gone. If I load the previous save all of the lines are there but the assignments are gone.
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