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GG Audio Blue3 - Strange behavior Volume

 I absolutely love the Blue3 Organ which finally has replaced Native B4 after trying but not liking B4 II, VB3, B5 etc.

But I found a strange behavior: When I turn down Volume either by Knob on the GUI or by Midi CC#7, Volume gets lower but it never stops sounding. This only happens within Forte.

When I use Blue3 standalone or in Cubase or SaviHost it will be completely muted by turning Volume completely down.

Any idea why is that and if it can be solved?

I use CC #7 a lot for fading in and out different modules.

That's strange...

I also own and love Blue3 but hadn't gotten 'round to replacing VB3 in my forte rack with it.

I'll try it out as well...

Are you sure you're not controlling Expression (CC#11) through controller maps?

Yes it´s definetely CC#7.
It´s also the same when I use the Volume Knob on the Blue3 GUI.
Would be great to know if you experience the same.

Thanks in advance


i don't have that 1, but it sounds like the cc7 might be assigned to the virtual volume pedal? if it has a pedal and you turn it all the way down using the gui instead of the cc, does the volume go all the way off?

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