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Rack Editor Bugs

Is anyone else not able to remove items from the quick access list?

And what about the Add Image button not working either?

Both these things really need fixing. I consider them major bugs and they are hindering my work flow big time.

Mike please fix them. Even if it means an interim release until you finish what ever other things you are doing. Its driving me nuts.


Forte 4.5.4 64bit (also present in 4.2.8)

Windows 10 pro 64bit

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I am experiencing a crash when I try and remove a scene from a song in Forte 4.5.4.  It sometimes works and other times crashes.  I don't know for sure, but it might be occurring if the scene is used in more than one place.

Updated Info:  Steps to re-create: Seems to crash if you remove one scene, add another scene, then remove another scene.  Repeat until crash.

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