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simple click track generator recommendation

i need to send an easy to use click track signal to my drummer on a per scene basis. any vst recommendations would be appreciated. thx,


I think I ended up attaching Reaper as a Rewire slave to do this...

You could also use the VST version of energyXT and host that as an instrument module.

Yep that's a good solution. I use Reaper the other way around.

I use the Reaper ASIO driver in Forte and bring Forte into Reaper with Rearoute inputs. There is absolutely no latency introduced. Then I have a channel open in Reaper for the lappy mic to record rehearsals, another mic channel open for vocoder. I also found I could ReaRoute audio back to Forte which I could run a vocoder or Guitar FX there as well.
Sending midi to either I do via Echo and Copperlan patching to loop it back with multiple ports. Then either can midi clock/mtc slave to the other. MIDI commands and audio backing tracks from Reaper can automate Fortes scene changes to.
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