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Automap and Forte Issue

I am trying to make Forte work with the Bluecat Remote Control and Novation automap(as detailed by liveplayer). The problem I am having is that I insert the automap wrapped version of Remote as an instrument in Forte but automap maps to it it as an FX.   The actual problem is then that Remote will not receive controller is being sent (as verified by MIDI OX) but does not show in the MIDI monitor in Forte for Remote.  Note on off  info does get through however. And actual FX inserted in Forte work perfectly with automap.

As I write this, I am thinking that perhaps I can actually insert Remote as an FX for a dummy instrument and then all the info will pass through.  I will try this in a bit..but would like to know if there is an actual problem..(why is autopmap seeing Remote as an FX...or am I doing something wrong.  Thanks!

[quote]As I write this, I am thinking that perhaps I can actually insert Remote as an FX for a dummy instrument and then all the info will pass through.[/quote]

That's indeed the way I (and liveplayer) did it.

Add a new Audio Input instrument module and insert Remote as an insert effect there. The enable it's VMI.

I don't know what or if I did something different but I actually appear to have it working... with Remote as an instrument. However now for any vst that I enable the vmi from Remote, there is a constant stream of MIDI CC messages showing in the MIDI Monitor.  I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or how bad.. played with it for a while and no problems, glitches or crashes,...but it sure makes me nervous. Any ideas what is going on? 

Yeah, that's because Automap is constantly checking for changes and constantly updating it's own settings for each knob.
It's normal for the setup. Hadn't had a problem with it.
Might get scary if you start multiple instances of Remote. But that wouldn't make any sense anyway ;)


Thanks Antal, I will try it that way as well and see if it makes any difference to the constant stream of MIDI CCs being sent.

It won't (see above)


Right on, glad to hear! Excited to get this working on stage. Not sure if anyone else is using this set up, but did either of you guys try creating your own skin for Remote Control?...  as may be obvious I'm not too deep on the computing/programming end of things.. but would love to give it a try if it is easy enough.

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Setting up Remote is mostly a one-time thing linking the knobs to the controls on the synths you want. Then you forget about it. So you never actually look at the interface much. Wasn't worth the hassle to me in that light.

PS: I don't use this setup anymore myself, though I think liveplayer stll uses this kind of setup. For me, setting up realtime controls for each scene was easier in the end (modwheel, aftertouch, expression pedal x2, sustain pedal, footswitch x2). And I wanted to switch to a more robust second controller (metal versus plastic), so I got a Kurzweil PC2. I tended to knock the controller of the stand when rockin' out


haha.. yeah I wish someone would make a serious heavy duty pro controller...  Arturia was kind of on the right track with the Keylab series... wood ends, looked serious and some great ideas...but man they blew it badly..poorly constructed, terrible keybed, and some very bad implementation. I use the Novation SL MkII and am pretty happy with it for most part, except for only having 8 faders which is a bummer for B3 drawbar simulation.

I have a Yamaha CP300 under that   and I use Forte in a way, so that with the push of a button I can change the scene, instruments, controller assignments etc for both keyboards... so that for instance one scene is a dual manual B3, another scene is a Rhodes with a Mini Moog on top, another is a Piano with single manual B3 on top, another is a Clav with a Prophet 5 on top and on and on..and again with the hardware controls all mapped appropriately to the instruments and FX in the given scene.

My band is pretty improvisational, and we don't have set lists and leave the arrangements and interpretations of the tunes pretty open to the inspiration of the moment.. so I just want to just push a button for a basic set up and go with whatever is happening. But its a lot to remember... what the hardware controllers are mapped to in any given circumstance and at what value. To some degree, the actual function of the hardware controllers change, of course, depending on what instruments (vsts) and FX are being controlled in that scene. So some visual feedback is crucial for me. Even Remote Control is a bit of a compromise... I still need to remember what all the controllers are doing in each set up  (maybe I can figure out a naming shorthand in Remote that will help), but at least with just a glance at Remote I can see what all my settings are at.  yeah maybe my ear should be telling me a lot of that, but being able to see, really helps me.

Even more ideal is the rotary encoders on the SL Mk II  with the led rings, that with autopmap reflect the setting of the vst. So at least they and all the buttons will change appropriately for each scene with this Remote Control, Automap configuration. I wish all the hardware controls did that. The new Roland RD2000 (although not exactly a controller) implements that really nicely... even the faders have leds to show the actual CC value.  Oh well, I really wish someone would let me design the ultimate controller... I keep telling the guys at Novation and Arturia. hahaha

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