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Old Greyed Out Instruments Problem Returned

Hi Mike,

I thought I posted this yesterday, but don't see it in the forum.  On forte 4.5.4 (build 54), I'm once again having a problem with VSTi's being greyed out in the menu when trying to add them via +INST.  This happened back in this thread on the old forum as well.  Thanks for looking into this, let me know if I can do some testing to help.


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In case anyone else has this issue, the problem is due to having too many VSTs in the directory that forte scans in the Plugin Manager.  I had my 64-bit version of forte scanning both the 64-bit directory, and also the 32-bit vst directory (for those plugs I use via jbridge).  Between the two directories and over the years, I had more than 1,000 dll files in there, and that was causing the problem. Once I cleared out some of the old junk, everything worked.  Keep in mind that while 1,000 seems like a lot, Waves alone is some 400+.  800+ when you include both directories.  That is, if you used shell2vst to convert your waveshell.dlll file to individual vsts.  So if you see greyed-out entries when you go to add a new VST, it may be too many dlls in the vst folder(s) that forte scans.  Thanks for the help, Mike!

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