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closing forte

is there a difference between closing forte using the x in the upper right hand corner, and the file/exit function? i've always used the x, and i find it closes faster and cleaner using file/exit.

Its never occurred to me to ask that question.  Let me check.

The X butten sends a "WM_CLOSE" Message to the window it belongs to.  The File Exit command sends an "ID_APP_EXIT" message which is handled by default in the Microsoft framework and simply turns around and posts a WM_CLOSE to the main window.

Therefore, it should be identical in behavior.  If you can quantify or demonstrate a difference let me know.



using the x button after a full night (4 hours+) on stage, i get "forte has stopped working " msg a lot. then next time i open i get "forte did not close properly" with a timer to start in safe mode. same scenario using file/exit, it closes cleanly. not a huge problem, but file/exit solves it for me!

david white - me too, for as long as i can remember, through many versions.

I get the same error closing messages too. I have since using Forte from the begnning 3 years ago.

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