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win 10 fix (fast startup should be OFF!)

I don't know if this has already been covered but i'm posting for any1 who might be having this problem. !Turn off win10 fast startup! by unticking this option in control panel/power options/choose what the power buttons do/ and if greyed out, click on change settings that are currently unavailable. at least 3 programs of mine were negatively affected when this was checked. i am almost positive i had turned this off when i 1st upgraded to win10, and believe that 1 of the non-optional windows updates set it back to on. 2 of the programs that i know were affected are my scarlett 6i6 usb interface, and throttlestop. now everything is loading fine, and i don't even notice a longer startup. i'm going to experiment with arturia mini V3 again which i had given up on. hope this helps some1.


i just did the win10 fall update, and they turned the fast startup back on again! just a reminder to turn it off.

Thanks for the original message, and the reminder for the Fall Creator's Update!  Appreciate you sharing with the community!

I installed Win10 months ago, and it started to lockup my CPU.  I went back to Win7 and have been happy.  Windows 10 sucks!  (just sayin')

Thank you David.  I'll turn this into a KB article.

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