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Two Instances of Synthmaster Crashing Forte


I am in the process of migrating everything in my rack to 64-bit plugins in anticipation of migrating to Windows 10 for my rack. I have also been hoping this could help alleviate some of the stability issues I experience from time-to-time by removing any tie-ins to jbridge. My initial thought was that I should be able to recreate 90% of what I'm using 32-bit plugins for either with SampleTank 3 (for all my old IK multimedia stuff) or a second instance of Synthmaster. 

Unfortunately, adding a second instance of Synthmaster seems to totally destabilize Forte. It crashes almost constantly when hitting almost any type of button in the system. I know I have sent multiple crash reports to you while this has been happening. I have verified that the reports are showing Synthmaster is the culprit plugin in all of these cases. I was hoping that you could take a look at whatever is being sent in the binary files in the crash reports to tell me if there is anything specifically I can share with KV331 to try to get a resolution to this. If you could provide that information, I will try to run it down with them.



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