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Nanokontrol 2 bi-directional

Hi, Can someone explain the configuration for bidirectional midi in Forte. I have nanokontrol 2 sending midi mute no problem. How can nanokontrol 2 receive mute/unmute from Forte?

Some control surfaces are bi-directional:  Forte takes MIDI in - does stuff, and maybe sends MIDI out (e.g. on scene change)

Many control surfaces are NOT bi-directional and only take MIDI in.  I think the Korg nanokontrol is only input.  It might be made to be bidirectional by modifying its definition file, but I haven't spent enough time with it to know for sure what it can do on the output side.

I should clarify. Forte creates instrument modules with solo and mute. How does one assign these mute and solo functions in the Forte instrument module to a controller? In my case I am able to send mute to the Forte instrument modules from my Nanokontrol 2. It sends cc messages assigned to the physical mute buttons in the controller to Forte. Thanks
Anyone willing to chime in. What are the steps necessarily to establish bidirectional midi with a controller, in my case a nanokontrol 2. The Forte manual is really weak on this topic.

I think you're talking about having forte control the nanoKontrol's led lights when switching scenes.

I think the nano has a Mackie mode. Have tried setting it to that mode and using a forte control surface definition with it?

What Forte control surface definition? The process seems really cryptic. Thanks for your willingness to help. This should clearly be explained in the manual

Yes I agree it's a bit cryptic. The hope is to get a few good control surfaces and the rest should just mimic those.  I haven't had time to do a full up analysis of the nanoKontrol.  There is an input surface for it but it doesn't do output.

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