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How to change Forte from 32 to 64 bit

I thought I'd switch over to 64 bit Forte as some of my plugins take a long time to load. I understood that Forte 64 would load my 32 bit rack seemlessly, but no way. Some plugins would not sound, others played badly and many of my plugins could not be found. Q1 - Is there a painless way to do this? Q2 -Is there a step by step guide on the conversion? I also need to convert 32 bit plugins to 64 and have jBridge for this purpose. If I can't get it right, I may have to go back to 32 bit and suffer some long load times. Any help would be much appreciated.

Strange, don't recognize this from the time I migrated (which is a long time ago). In order to use plugins with jbridge you have to either check the option to auto bridge 32bit plugins in the Plugin Manager or generate a bridged dll using jbridge's GUI and put those in forte's scanned folders. Did you use one of those options?

If you have JBridge, you can load 32 bit plugins into x64 Forte.  However, although its a good product it complicates the setup and creates more uncertainty when something goes wrong.  Typically if you go to 64-bit plugins, I'd recommend you should probably just go to 64-bit plugins too.

If the plugins are the same DLL name and plugin ID, the same plugin CLSID would be generated and it should just work.  If the plugin DLL Name is different it may require a rack edit or adaptation to replace plugin identifiers in the rack file.

To Antal: I knew it wasn't as easy as that. The plugin manager did not have the option to check for auto bridge the 32 bit plugins. So I have to scramble around and try and find the converted 32 bit ones which Forte does not like doing. I'll have to go back to Forte 32 bit. To Mike: All I need is the Anwida Suite of plugins (tremolo, phaser, flanger, chorus and chorus/ delay) to convert, but they have not produced a 64bit equivalent. Can you suggest a similar suite of 64 bit ones so I can ditch these old 32 bits and the jBridge conversions.
For basic duties, I recommend the recent Dead Duck Free Effects Bundle.
Thanks for th plugin recommendation. What started this whole changeover idea is that I just bought RealiLadies vocal plugin that needs to use Kontakt. The 32 bit version of Forte kept crashing and my thoughts were to switch to 64 bit so that more ram would be available to help Forte keep running. I've done the batch resave in Kontakt but it didn't help help. Was this good thinking? Or is there another way that I can get Forte to run Kontakt without crashing?
Yeah, to make the most of samplers like Kontakt, you need as much memory as you can get.
32bit programs only get to address about 3GB of RAM max (and that's with 3GB switch enabled in Windows), regardless of how much memory you actually have.

Since forte is a single program, it even needs to distribute that memory amongst all the loaded plugin modules.

One workaround around this is to use jbridged plugins (even though the host is already 32bit), because jbridge runs the plugin in a separate process with a separate memory allocation.

Thanks Antal for the info on jBridge. Mikes recommendation is to avoid using them though. I guess I'll have another go at rebuilding Forte 64 using the Dead Duck suite. So long as Kontakt behaves itself. After the last crash, it even caused the Traktor Audio 2 sound card to stop working, hence the return back to 32 bit Forte.
Ok, I've started rebuilding Forte 64 bit and I've told it where my 64bit plugs are. However, when I try to load my scenes from the 32bit version, Forte gets to the end then crashes without saving the scenes. Help?
Ok, latest instalment. I installed Forte 64 over the top of Forte 32. Then I used the plugin manager to find the 64 bit plugins. When I ran the rack, Forte showed all the 32 bit plugins as proxies and not one 64 bit plugin appeared in the list. Huh! What did I do wrong? Previously, I had cleared out all the 32 bit plugins from the list, but they still loaded back in. Did I read somewhere about an XML file that could be manually edited? Is this what needs to be done to remove the 32 bit references?
That they appear as proxies means they weren't loaded in. Forte does that when it can't find the plugin mentioned in the rack. Apparently the developer gave the 64bit versions a different CLSID? You can replace the proxies with their 64bit versions by using copy/replace on it.
Yes, eventually I figured out what to do, and now only the 64 bit plugs appear. After I replaced all the instrument modules with 64 bit versions, I imported all of my scenes. They loaded ok and all appeared well. However, all of my chord inversions for the guitars (F/C etc) have disappeared. With nearly 200 scenes/songs, it will take hours to fix up and I've already spent 3 days trying to get this far. Worse however, is Forte crashing on exit each time with the message "Forte has stopped working". Can I generate a crash report to find out why this is happening? There isn't any point going further until I can find out why this is happening.
Next instalment: I managed to get Forte to recall all my scenes with all the guitar chords intact. Yay! However, I'm still getting an occasional crash on exit. Would a trim rack help this?
I gave up on this for a while but had another go this morning. Forte keeps crashing on exit without the option of a crash report. I trimmed the rack but this has not helped. Because my guitar rack is running reliably on 32 bit, I thought I'd try and run a 64 bit version for the other rack that needs more memory. But alas, the instal just replaced the current one. I even tried running V3 64bit alongside V4 32bit but that just got over written as well. Forte is just not liking the importing of a 32bit rack while it is in 64 bit configuration. Short of doing a dual boot i.e. a separate partition for each rack, it's there anything else I can do with this?
I found the cause of Forte crashing on exit. Turned out to be the Dead Duck free VST plugin suite. Once I removed that, Forte saved without crashing.
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