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How to Speak with Someone about Forte before Purchase

How can I speak with someone about Forte before purchasing or downloading it?

Are you talking about presales or user experience?

If it's the latter, I'd be happy to chat via PM.

I would like to speak (not type) to someone about the program. I have never seen the program. I would consider using such a program, but only after a detailed conversation about it.
I want to speak (not type) to someone about the program. I have never seen this program on any computer, so I would only consider using it after I had a detailed conversation with someone.

Well, since I'm from the Netherlands, I guess I'm not your man then ;)

LMK if you change your mind about typing.

Where are you from? Maybe another forum member lives close by or could talk on the phone or something.

Are you available and able to speak via computer using Skype or joining a Webex meeting I could create?

I might, if we can deal with any applicable timezone differences.

Time is tight at the moment, though...

Maybe we can continue this over email. This forum doesn't seem to have a PM feature. :/

evilantal (at) gmail (dot) com

David, I'm in the US (California) and would be willing to discuss my experiences with Forte. I've been using it

for 11+ years and, while I've had my share of frustrations with it, I've found no credible alternative for my use model. Antal has been using it for a long time as well and is one of the experts.

Antal, I've always wondered about the origins of your handle...

Haha, true. 11 years here as well and mostly the same experience as you, Andy. The evilantal handle comes from a long and continuing history of being a gamer ;)

Thanks for offering to have a chat with me about Forte.  I am a new user of the Maschine Mikro hardware and software offering from Native Instruments, and there might be ways to accomplish what I am wanting to do using the Maschine Mikro versus Forte.  I won't know which ways I prefer until I know more about both Forte and Maschine.

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