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Sound breaks up and becomes choppy

I'm using 4.5.1 running on a Surface Pro 4 i5 with 8 gigs of ram, but this also happens with the latest stable release. When playing a song often the second or third, the sound becomes distorted producing static and also breaks up and gets choppy. The remedy is to click the red audio button on the right to off then back on again. This immediately fixes the problem which then remains stable until the end of the gig. I have two questions: 1 Why is this happening? 2 How can I prevent this happening right at the start.

have you tried increasing your buffer size? have you optimized your computer (there are tutorials here)?

Hi David. Thanks for the reply. I have done both of what you suggest in the past but can't say whether I noticed any difference. I generally let the audio card choose it's own settings. If you think the stuttering is caused by what you say, I'm prepared to make some changes. Which tutorial would you recommend please?

i would check your soundcard's buffer setting and raise it 1 increment at a time and see if that fixes it. search this site for "PC optimization" . there is a tutorial. GL

I found a reference to Black Viper in a search for PC Optimisation. It was for Win 7. As I'm using Win 10, will it still be relevant?

There's also a list for windows 10

I don't think that's the issue here, though.

I used to have this same problem. Audio crackling after a scene change. Never the same scene, never at the same moment.

I never found a true answer or solution. It seemed to be related to a buffer not emptying in SolidSoundStudio's routing plugins (do you use those?) or a bridged plugin maybe.

After changing my rack up some, I haven't had it again.

Hi Anton, I tend to agree, because after I click the audio button on and off just once, the problem resolves. Thanks for your input.
I have a button on my controller mapped to toggle the rack power on/off just in case.
Unfortunately, that button isn't MIDI automatable so I used Bome MIDI Translator to convert a MIDI CC to a keystroke hotkey set to toggle the power button.

(and sorry about all the double posts, forum acting up. I've removed them)


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