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Forte 4.5 Technical Preview #3

Forte 4.5.3 is now available to download for testing.  This is not a final release and caution is recommended in using it for anything other than testing.

Changes and fixes:

Adds another way for Forte to locate the correct VST plugin on rack load.  VSTs are just DLL files which Forte loads.  When loaded, the plugin can return it's VST unique ID.  However, because of some issues years ago with a plugin vendor who returned the same ID for multiple DLLs in their product line, Forte build a unique ID out of the plugin's filename + the VST ID.  This works most of the time except when the plugin vendor changes the DLL filename on update (like the recent Waves update which changed the name of the Waveshell DLL file).  Forte 4.6.3 now saves the VST ID in the rack file.  If Forte cannot find a VST plugin by the filename+ID hash, it will attempt to load a matching plugin by VST ID only.  This means that the rack file must be resaved under Forte 4.5.3 to include the VST ID.  The new rack XML attribute is "VSTID".

Saves a new JSON-formatted plugin cache.  When "plugins.xml" or "plugins64.xml" is saved, another "plugins.json" or "plugins64.json" file is saved.  This JSON file contains some new VST diagnostic information in it including the number of parameters, the size of the FXB chunk, etc.  Although these could change dynamically, it is useful to have a snapshot of them at plugin discovery time for diagnostic reasons.  Forte always saves both JSON and XML, but when Forte starts up it attempts to load the JSON file first and only loads the XML if the JSON is unavailable.  Future versions of Forte will drop the XML completely.

Fixes a problem where the 32 bit version of Forte 4.5.2 crashed on startup.

Hi Mike,

I've been using Forte_4.5.0.50 for a while and found that it was more stable than Forte_4.2.6.33.  I see that you also released 4.5 preview 3, but the link for that is no longer valid.  I also see that you have another release, Forte_4.2.8.35.  

What are the differences between 4.2.8 and 4.5-preview 3?

Is it still possible to get 4.5-preview 3?


 - David

I'll be re-uploading 4.5 preview soon.  I decided to sneak in a 4.2 maintenance update with many of the low-risk fixes in 4.5 (none of the new features).  So I had to temporarily remove 4.5 and run 4.2.8 beta.  Now that that is out, I'll shift back to 4.5.  Glad it's working for you.

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