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Using a controller keyboard as a control surface

Hello, I've just downloaded an installed Forte as a demo version to find out if it will work for me. It looks like a great program to use for live performance. I will be playing the sounds from Forte mainly on my Nektar Impact LX61+ controller keyboard and would also like to be able to use this keyboard to switch between different scenes etc. in Forte. Is that possible? I also own Sonar Platinum and Kontakt, and both programs have a midi learn function. Does Forte have any way to make my controller keyboard work with Forte?

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Yes, that's possible in two ways.

You can use a controller (button, footswitch) to progress through scenes incrementally.

You can set that up in the Rack Editor

Secondly, forte responds to Program Change messages to select scenes (same link as above).

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Thanks, that was just what I was looking for :-)

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