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arturia mini v3 controller assignments don't save.

i just upgraded from mini v2.4 to v3. after assigning 2 controller knobs and saving scene the controllers work. upon restarting forte, the assignments are gone. i thought forte would save these assignments. maybe the new version saves these differently? (i'm using the forte beta. have not tried with supported version).



after further exploration, a midi controller configuration file must be created within the mini V3. use the export current configuration to create a file. then import it to the scene and save the scene. i don't remember having to do this for previous versions, but there it is.


more arturia mini V3 problems. i have had to revert to an old forte save using mini V2. the mini V3 patches are not saving properly in forte as well as the controller issues (also not saving). is anyone else using the mini V3 successfully? i'm using forte 4.2.7 latest supported release.



Hi everyone,

I just encountered the same issue with the newest Arturia V collection softsynths (including the mini V) as well: all is well when setting all parameters, also after updating and saving scene B. But only at that moment. Changing from scene A to scene B blocks the sound from (some of Arturia's) VST's.

Only when changing the preset in the synth brings back sound.

Now, how can that be managed? 

In the old forum there is mentioning of changing (?) the Device Compatability script but that was with older Arturia VST's and I believe an older Forte version. Besides the fact that I've no idea what it is (nor do I really need to know if I'm honest ;) ) does anyone know if that still works?

Hope someone found a solution!!


Just yesterday i updated arturia mini v 2 to mini v 3 again ( new release version 3.2 i believe). it still didn't work with forte 2.8, but it is working in the latest forte beta! i have to copy/replace instrument, then each patch has to be reloaded/saved in each scene. i'm halfway through the process but it is working. there is a patch converter available from arturia that must be used for my custom bank (v2) to be loaded into v3. it is a process. i'm just a little skittish about using the forte beta in a live situation, but finally my patches are playing!!

 good luck.


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Thanks for the reply David. I've downloaded the beta as well. Let's see how that works!

As I'm new to Arturia's V collection, I won't be needing the patch converter (I think), but am really curious if/how everything will hold up, when going live.

Besides, what's bad about living on the edge from time to time, right?!!


Now, that's enlightening! After beta installation, everything worked (almost) fine! Like you said David, the only worrisome thing, is going live with a beta version (at least, until 4.5 is officially released...)!

Thanks for the tip. Excellent!


I actually tried the beta live last night, and while the mini v3 seemed to work fine, i found that all my VB3 organ patches were different on the beta software. also when trying a stress rack test, beta forte locks up after 5 seconds while trying to change to the 2nd scene. and also during the stress test, for some reason my controller's motorized faders (behringer motor 61) went completely spastic! went back to 4.2 for the 2nd set. i guess while the beta is improving, it still has some bugs. 

Ouch!! That must have been terrible. As a synth player performing live, unfortunately I know how it feels, and it's not good. Have had some comparable issues, but it was some time ago now.

Yesterday I was quite excited for everything worked just perfect. Today, I started Forte to further work on the V collection, and instantly got an error message stating it Failed to load XML rack file. Changing back to 4.2 didn't make a difference!! 

Not quite the message I had expected. I'm going to ask if Mike can figure this one out. 

I'll keep you posted.

before i do any experimenting, i make a system image of entire working disk. i saved the new patches on seperate media for future betas, and reverted to 4.2 working image.

Well, that was better prepared than me. Eventually Mike sorted things out. And, I directly also made a back-up of everything...

I'm going to test everything today to see if it works with the V collection VST's properly.

How's your experience now with the miniV3?


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