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Please - Add additional scene load commands

Please - Add additional scene load commands:

1] Forte scene should include option for sending a note on event to any plugin.

This relates to the problem of scripted Kontakt libraries (with articulation KeySwitches) that default to a certain articulation (i.e. not the one I want), and thus requires me to hit a KeySwitch to make sure I get the right articulation when I select the Forte scene. I find this seems unnecessary that I have to remember to manually do that when Forte could just do it automatically. :-)

2] Forte scene should include option for sending a controller event. (When I an not using the breath controller) my Sample Modeling libraries need to get a mod wheel value of 127 after scene loads to make sure it is going to make sound (expression is turned up). (Anyone who uses Sample Modeling knows what I am talking about) :-)

+1, particularly idea #2.

#2 is what setting "Init" values in the MIDI Controller Mapping tab is for :)



Thank you! I do now see my #2 request (sending a controller event) is already existing in Forte via the Init setting.

Link: Controller values

Now if we could just get my #1 request (send note event to activate Kontakt keyswitches)

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