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Experimental Feature - Record Bus Output

Does the 'experimental' feature for recording bus output in Forte work? I see no additional configuration for it. I've 'enabled' it but nothing appears to happen. Once enabled is there an undocumented way to start and stop recordings? Where would the output go to, and what format would it be in?


I'm interested in this too.  Just tried it in 4.5.3, same questions as Xpansion.  Thanks!

Looks like this experimental function writes a wave file to the .ini directory, using the name of the rack. From forte, go to the menu bar and select Tools-->View ini and app folder.  You'll see a wave file in there if you've tried this record function.  Worked quite well for me.

Mike is exactly right.  I wrote this a long time ago but it has never really been a feature request, so I thought I'd stick it in and not worry too much about "finishing it".

Thanks to Mike and Mike for the info! I'll check into this when I get home.


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