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Add Note events to Scene command for Keyswitches

Is there a way to add Note events when changing scenes in order to properly set Kontakt instruments with Key Switches?

Some Kontakt instruments have scripts that default to an articulation (and NOT the one I want). I have to remember to hit the key switch. I would much rather have Forte send the proper key switch to Kontakt automatically on loading scene.

Hmmm....interesting question. I dont think so.

Which libraries? Maybe the keyswitches can be reprogrammed to respond to CC's?

If you exclude Kontakt from updating on scene change, I think the Multi will load with the Kontakt patches set to the keyswitch it was set at when you saved it last. Otherwise you could save as a new nki within Kontakt.

If you need to use the same Kontakt patch in different scnes but with different articulations activated, you could just load two instances of the Kontakt patch set to different keyswitches and switch between them with program/bank changes

Loading two instances of a patch within the same Kontakt instance doesn't take up any extra RAM as the sample pool in one Kontakt instance is shared.

Some Kontakt libraries (e.g. Kirk Hunter Diamond Orchestra TVEC) seem to have a script, or something, that defaults the articulation to normal legato NO MATTER WHAT "key switch articulation was active" when I saved the nki and multi. I do think that sending note events would be a great feature for Forte to add to the Scene Commands tab, particularly since key switches are so widely used in sample libraries.


While not an ideal solution, one approach could be to use ECHO looped back via a virtual midi port to your contact instance. In the scene, you would add two midi messages. First, you'd implement a wait to make sure the kontact scene information was already updated prior to sending the key event. Then you would add a 'Generic Midi Message' that would send the key switch you want to happen. Like I said, not ideal but likely workable.


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