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Kontakt multiple outputs

I have a Kontakt module with a single instance of Kontakt running 3 multi's where Forte sends a program change to select bank/preset from each of the 3 multi's. 

So now if I need different mixes for different songs I cannot use Kontakt mixer for that because I use "Do not set per-Scene plugin configuration data"Do have to load multiple instances of Kontakt to get a volume control for each Kontakt instrument in Forte? Or is there a way to, for example, setup 3 outputs inside of Kontakt and route to three different inputs in Forte?

Or to simplify my question, can Forte utilize the multiple outputs of a "multiple output VST" instrument (like when using the Kontakt 8 out vst)?

Forte can output to three separate outputs per plugin, so should be enough for your use case (I do the same by the way)...

Look in the "Audio Mix" tab of the plugin console

be sure that the multiple outputs option is checked

My VST option settings were already set for Multiple Outputs.

I added Module "Brainspawn Audio Input"

Input dropdown list shows a long list of numbered inputs.

Now I have no clue how to proceed from this point.

How do I get an additional Kontakt output connected to this input?

Totally stuck.

I think the manual should be updated to explain this better. Here is what I find by trial and error:


I have multiple instances of Kontakt loaded into Forte instrument modules.

EACH instance of Kontakt is a "multi" with three instrument banks, and the Kontakt instruments get changed on each scene by using Forte Scene Command to choose Bank/Program.


In KONTAKT, of course I cannot control the relative instrument volume levels (of the three Kontakt instruments) as the scene change because, as is typical for using samplers in Forte, Kontakt is globally set to "NOT load configuration data" on scene change.


-In Kontakt, setup three outputs by adding two more outputs to the existing "St. 1" output.

-In Kontakt, click on channel assignment at bottom of the newly created outputs to assign to Forte host channels. (the naming and numbering in the assignment picklist is weird but just assign in order)

-In Kontakt, assign each of the three Kontakt Instrument Banks to one of the three Kontakt outputs.

-In Forte, use "Audio Mix" tab to set and save relative levels of the three Kontakt outputs for each scene.


-In Forte, on the "Audio Mix" tab, just IGNORE the input selector.

-For the three outputs in Kontakt, I decided to use Kontakt output "St. 2", "St. 3", "St. 4" (and skip using "St. 1"). That way the Forte "green volume slider" has no effect and therefore reminds me to use the "Audio Mix" tab to see/adjust the three volume levels.

Please let me know if any further suggestion on this, or if there is a better way to do this.... or better way to explain it.

Is this in the knowlegebase or manual? If not, maybe should add it.

IIRC = If i recall correctly :)

Ah, you hadn't created the output in Kontakt yet...
That's the way Kontakt works in all DAWs, including the naming convention of the outputs (st. 1, st. 2, aux. 1, etc.). That part is described in Kontakt's manual.
Not the part about the plugin console of course, that's forte.

Couldn't hurt to dedicate a knowledge base article to it as many people use Kontakt, maybe even with forte add their only DAW/host.

Glad you got it sorted!
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