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After "Not responding" can't end process (zombie issue)

After "Not responding" Forte remains in "zombie state" for about 5 minutes, during which I cannot "end process" in task manager. In a live show of course I do not want to log off or restart to end the Forte process.

So... is there a solution to quickly end process so I can't relaunch Forte and get back up and running quickly?

Hi, i have the same problem. Espacielly while programming and this happens really often.

Please stable update.



I've had this issue in the past.
In my case it was always a case of the soundcard not releasing either the audio or MIDI drivers after a forte crash.
If that's the case, the process should disappear (or at least be killable) when you turn off or unplug your soundcard.

Could you give that a try?

BTW and OT: @Alex. Nice to see you here!
Cheers from a fellow progger,
Antal from Sylvium


This has especially been a problem with USB device.  Glad to have Prog Rock here!  Love it.

Ohh.This is not right Mike.

I'm using M audio 2626 firewire, and the process could not be stopped in case of crash.

@ Antal: Best regards from Luxembourg. 

Alex from TNNE

I've seen it with Firewire devices too, unfortunately.


+1 here..   always faster to reboot in my case..  very annoying


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