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Using a VST to play the sounds of another within Forte

I have Music Labs Real Guitar running reliably in Forte 4.2. Real Guitar comes with its own set of sounds and I'd like to be able to bypass them and play a ukelele sound in Cakewalk TTs GM VST. Is this possible? 

So my question is:

* How can I use Real Guitar midi out to play the ukekele sound in Cakewalk TTs   sound module?

Just open the Midi Routing of your Real Guitar Slot and hit the VMI Button. Then the Real Guitar will be available as a Midi Input Port which you can enable then in the Cakewalk TT slot.


Fantastic! Works like a charm. Thanks so much
This has been going great, so I decided to add a second Cakewalk TTS. However, while Forte sees the incoming midi, I cannot get the second TTS to make any sound. Is there some trick to this to make it work?
Have you enabled the Real Guitar Midi Port in the second Cakewalk slot?


When I added the second TTS plus a second RG to drive it, all the options suddenly became more complex. The options from the first RG/TTS were added to the second instance and became available. I guess it's a matter of experimenting to find which to turn off and which to leave on.
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