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Built-in Media Player (MIDI & Audio)

I'm looking for an integrated solution for media playback; audio and MIDI. Audio for backing track playback, MIDI for click track control (so would require routing to another instrument - using VMI?). Ideally an option to have 4-8 "tracks" with basic volume control OR allow multiple instances of single track which can then be controlled via Bus or Instrument fader. I know this is way off-track for the current Forte implementation but due to it's flexibility its how my rack has ended up in 4 or five of the acts I perform with (backing track's currently triggered through 32bit version of energyXT.

Not sure what the roadmap looks like for Forte but this is high on my wishlist (along with Mixer (Routing) View and some form of Aux Bus Routing control...

I know... Greedy... Sorry... ;)

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That would be great!!!

I used to have a click track and a small 4 to 8 track player with routing possibility is a very good idea.

I don't trust energyXT, there is no support anymore. I have banned all my x32 plugs.

Kind regards


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