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Route Multiple Audio Outs from energyXT to Multiple Forte Bus Outputs

Hi folks,

I've been using Forte and enrgyXT for a number of years now and generally no issues (just a shame that energyXT (I@m going to abbreviate to eXT now) has to be jBridged). Anyway, I use eXT to playback multi-track audio backing tracks and a MIDI track sent to a VSTi sampler (using eXT in VMI mode) for a click track.

This is great as it allows me to balance the backing within eXT and output to Front of House on one Forte Bus (routed to my audio interface outs 1&2) and the sampler (click) out to audio interface outs 3&4.

However I now want to split some of the backing tracks to different audio outputs e.g. sending the drums to a different Forte Bus and Audio Interface outputs 7&8 so these can be managed FOH to make sure they are punching out and the engineer knows they can balance a little themselves.

The issue is eXT seems to only see the host (Forte) has 2 outputs (1&2) and so I cannot achieve this without having two instances of eXT, splitting the backing tracks and routing each to its own bus (eXT is rather unstable being jBridged so the fewer instances the better). In standalone eXT this is fine I can route as I'd need but not within Forte. Am I missing something? I have done this with Kontakt where Forte sees each Kontakt Bus and can route to any available Forte bus but eXT seems limited to what it sees as the host outputs.

Ideally I want to ditch eXT for something similar (a simple MIDI Player, Audio Player which syncs to Forte's clock so I can start/rehearse a verse/chorus etc using the bear/beat offset within Forte, with simple mixing facilities). But it seems to be the only solution for the time being.

I hope this makes sense and there may be some eXT/Forte users out there that can help or anyone advise alternate solutions for multiple audio playback for backing and MIDI?

Thanks in advance! :)

Ok... so it appears eXT VST doesn't support multiple outs anymore so I guess that means multiple instances or an alternative. Possibly FL Studio which has VST option but never liked using it for audio, just seems too laboured a process just to get audi playback.

Any alternative anyone uses for backing track playback?

You could try using Reaper in Rewire mode maybe...

Ooh... That's a neat idea! I guess it wouldn't load the Reaper project when I changed scene in Forte though - although there may be some fancy program change stuff that could manage this though. I've never used Rewire (in any DAW) but I assume that things like tempo and transport position are passed from Forte to the Rewire target? I suppose I could do something similar using LoopMIDI and EHCo...

In which case I guess I could use something like Ableton Live as I could preload a set and trigger parts that way too.

I'll look into Rewire and possibilities of using an external DAW. Do you know of anyway to send an instruction from Forte to load a new project in Reaper (or another DAW)?

I've dabbled with this some in the past and used a custom action in Reaper that switched project tabs based on MIDI input.

It looks like these SWS Project loader/selector tools should be even easier, though

I've dabbled with this some in the past and used a custom action in Reaper that switched project tabs based on MIDI input.

It looks like the SWS Project loader/selector tools should be even easier, though

Somehow I'm not allowed to post links, but you should be able to find it by googling

Great - thanks! I wasn't even aware of Project Tabs but if I can get that working I guess I could potentially load all songs as tabs and just switch depending on the set! Perhaps you could email the link to me? email

I'll investigate anyway. I'm not very familiar with Reaper but have dabbled a little so will get back to Google :)

So first I'll learn Reaper then Project Tabs then SWS Project loader/selector...

Really appreciate the help - this looks like a potential winner for me!

Hi Antal. Firstly thanks for the mail (and the link). I've now managed to work out about project tabs in Reaper and can switch them using CC directly from my controller keyboard but can't for the life of me work out how to get program changes from Forte to change tabs in Reaper. I've been able to assign MIDICC from my keyboard to select specific tabs (based on positional order in Reaper) or cycle next/previous but not how to get Program Changes from Forte to do the same (I can't see anymore in Reaper where I can assign this).

Anyway, I also noticed that by using ReWire Reaper I only have the one pair of outputs available so I'm looking at forgetting the ReWire option and just using Reaper stand alone so I can the backing stems through whatever outputs I want in Reaper but still use Forte to send program changes on loading a scene so I guess I need EHCo for this.

The plan is e.g.;


EHCo (Out) -> LoopMIDI1 -> PrgCh 1 -> Reaper (In) via LoopMIDI1 -> Switch tab

So, can I ask if you recall how you got PrgCh into Reaper? 

No problem, Hunter. In fact, that's what I ended up doing eventually. Using Reaper standalone next to forte. You can send PC's from forte upon scene change. You can set these up in the Plugin Console's Scene Commands tab. I use this functionality all the time with Kontakt 5

Aaaargh! OK - I'm having a bit of a nightmare with sync at the moment. I'd like Forte to remain the master for everything so here is what I am trying;

Forte -> MIDI Sync (EHCo via LoopMIDI) -> Ableton (I know I refer to Reaper below but having the same issue). Ableton would be my preferred playback DAW.


Created a Virtual MIDI Port = "ReaperReWire" 


Instrument - EHCo: Output Port = ReaperReWire, Channel = Byapss (not sure what this means to be honest as in MIDIOX I see Timing Clock even in bypass, Send MIDI Sync=Y


MIDI Input Port: ReaperRewire, Sync: ON (MIDI Clock)

Set EXT to On, Press Play (to await start from Forte?)

I see Timing Clock being sent in MIDIOX and I see the MIDI Sync indicator flashing in Ableton BUT there seems to be no way to trigger starting playback! I know MIDI Sync is just the clock information so how do I start playback? I also note that the tempo I set in Forte is 120 but when it's received in Ableton is fluctuating between 108-116. The Play button in Forte seems to make no difference to the MIDI Sync information being sent... Totally confused!

I tried a similar setting in Reaper too but I don't see any indicator for receiving MIDI Sync at all so can't troubleshoot but same issue, I can't start playback...

What am I missing here? Its driving me nuts! I say again... Aaaaargh!

Just to add to the above, I also tried using Ableton as Master Sync and have the same timing issues (BPM significantly off) and still no way to sync transport playback... Aaaaargh! >.<

I'll have to do some testing....

I would imagine you bind the "start play" button to a MIDI CC and then send that CC to the slave host to start playback. That's how it would work in Reaper at least. Or bind it to a keystroke (usually space) and use something like Bome MIDI Translator to convert a CC to a keystroke. But that would only work if the host is in focus I would imagine.


Hi Hunter,

Haven't had the chance to sit down at my rig yet, bu a thought occurred.

Do you really need the MIDI Clock going into Reaper at all?

The BPM in Reaper is saved with a project. So if you set it up with one project per song, each project in a tab and switching between tabs with MIDI, the BPM will change with the currently selected tab accordingly.

Hi Antal,

I think you are quite right. I probably don't need MIDI Clock going into Reaper as long as Forte is in focus and can trigger/sync transport start and switching tabs (a next/previous is fine).

Thanks... And no rush... I have a working setup using energyXT but looking for a "better(?)" solution. :)

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