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Synthmaster Audio Input and Forte

I've just purchased Synthmaster to add to my arsenal and so far I'm very impressed. It is a total beast! The one issue I seem to be having is that I can't seem to get any audio input to route through it. What I'd really like to do is use the built-in vocoder. I've heard some samples of the Synthmaster Vocoder being used, and it sounds fantastic. I currently use three audio inputs with insert effects in Forte already (TAL Vocoder 2, Sonivox Vocalizer and Amplitube 3) all without any problems. 

With Synthmaster, you should be able to assign the audio input as a modulation source to oscillator input, as well as the modulator for the vocoder, but I can't seem to get anything coming through. I've tried using the audio input built directly into a instrument slot where I've loaded Synthmaster as well as using Synthmaster as an insert effect and in both cases, it seems to be a no-go.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I could get this to work?


What audio driver mode are you using?  I've discovered a problem with WASAPI mode input that I'm currently working on.

ASIO driver for Behringer XR 18. Same driver I can easily use input for TAL Vocoder 2 and Sonivox Vocalizer

Have you tried this with any other VST hosts?  I'm just curious if its some issue with the plugin or using the plugin?

I tested this successfully this evening using Presonus Studio One version 3 Professional.


Still tracking this as a bug.  Thanks for the feedback.

I examined the SynthMaster plugin and it comes in an Instrument (VSTi) DLL and an FX (VST) DLL.  The Instrument has no inputs at all while the effect has 2 inputs.  Can you please make sure you are using the effect?  This may mean adding an audio input module first and then adding the SynthMaster in the insert effects  bin.



I had already tried using SynthMaster as an insert effect on a Audio Input module without success. 

I noticed that when I loaded SynthMaster in Studio One, it specified it as SynthmasterFX in the insert strip for the channel. When I look at the listing for instrument VS insert effect for SynthMaster, they are both simply labeled under KV331--> SynthMaster 2.8. I decided to try an experiment and set the two 'non-fx' VST plugins to ignored under the VST manager in Forte. 

I noted the following after making the change.

  1. The KV331 section in the instruments dropdown when selected a module was missing
  2. The KV331 section was still present for insert effects

I created an input audio channel again, inserted SynthMaster, set it up for the vocoder the same way I did in Studio One, but alas, no sound came out AT ALL. The significant difference between this configuration and not ignoring the instrument VST dlls was that before I ignored them, I could at least get non-vocoder sounds to play succesfully from the insert SynthMaster. 

After ignoring, I couldn't get ANY sound out of Synthmaster at all.

I have emailed you a simple rack file I made with Forte while not ignoring ANY of the SynthMaster VST DLLs. I'm hoping you can track why this isn't working by looking at the rack. I suspect that the FX version of the DLL requires the instrument version to be "available", but when the instrument one hasn't been ignored, for some reason, Forte loads that for the insert rather than the FX version of the plugin.

Looking forward to finding a resolution.


I can confirm that I get no audio with Synthmaster 2.8 in insert mode on an Audio Input module. If I bypass it, the sound passes through. I get the same behavior in Sonar, though, whereas other FX plugins work as expected.


Hey MikeG, any more insight on this yet? I've got a new song to program in that could REALLY use the vocoder in Synthmaster.


Any news or movement on this issue? I would still love to be able to use the Synthmaster Vocoder live. It sounds so much better than my other two vocoders on recordings.....

I'm afraid no news yet.

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