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re-map ch.1 to omni,other channels.

I used channel one for all inst.Now I am trying to use ch.1 thru 5 with vol pdls.transmiting c c 7 for vol.control.I fly a lot for performances,and use many diff. keyboards,some with no omni option.How do I remap ch.1 to the other midi ch.s I receive midi thru an m-audio pro-fire. I receive cc7 data thru a "midi expression"prog.for the vol. pdls. I am transmitting on ch.1 thru 4 on the pdls. Each channel is playing / controlling several diff inst. at once. How do I get pdl 2 .transmiting on ch 2 to play ch. 2 on a inst. with the master kbd. set to ch 1? I see both Profile and MIDI Expression in midi routing and .both are enabled.
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Just go to the Midi Routing Tab and click on the "Advanced Midi Channel Routing" Button.Now choose the right Midi-Interface and click in the matrix the additional channels you would like to control with channel 1.
So if your Masterkeyboard sends on Ch1 and you want to control Volume cc7 on Ch 2 just click the 2 in the first row (Channel 1) and apply.
After doing so click on the small triangle in the Midi Routing and you will see  that CH 1 Destination will be named "Layer". You´re now sending on CH 1 and 2.


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