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trimming rack changes some NI plugin volumes

I stopped trimming my rack a long time ago due to this phenomenon. i use many instances of kontakt 5 in my rack, and 1 is for NI vienna piano, which is my go to grand piano sound. before trimming the rack the plugin volume (not forte's rack volume) is set to +6.7 . after trimming, it is set to -5.8, quite a difference. i was hoping the new beta build might correct this behavior, but it is still happening. any ideas? thx


attached is a pic of the volume set at 6.7 that changes after trim.

Hi David,

Forgetting about trim for now, does this happen with a simple scene update?


OK I just created a new rack, set the volume to -6.7 and updated to find it at -6.0.  Thanks for the report.  I'll look into it.


thx Mike. and no, it does not happen with a simple scene update.


Fixed for upcoming build

tried latest beta. still changing my volumes.

hmmm....OK - thought for sure I had nailed that.  Let me look again.

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