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Reply time for upgrade discount inquiry

Hello there,

I want to upgrade to Forte 4. Because I am owner of Forte 1 - 3 I've checked the option "Check for upgrade discount" and submitted by Forte 3 license key.

Up to now I've got no answer to this inquiry yet. How long is the usual processing time of this check?



Hi, i'm waiting to.

Best regards


I have also submitted a request for this twice. Need it soon for gig. I just want to pay you guys money.

Sorry Ben - something may be wrong with my automation here...I'll email you the discount code.


Got it, thanks

Confirmed that there is something wrong with my notification system....working it.  Thanks for your patience.

Dear Mike, I got the same as Ben (want to upgrade from Forte 4 Performer to Forte 4 Producer). As I did not get also any response it would be great if you please could send also an email to me with the discount code? Thanks in advance for your support. Kind regards Sascha

Hi Mike - I too have been attempting to get an upgrade coupon code for me to come up from Forte 3 Performer to Forte 4 Performer, and have had no luck as of yet, with either the page submission for requesting an upgrade code, nor with a support ticket I opened up a couple of days ago.

Can you please generate a code for me and email it while I still have enough in my meager account to be able to purchase the upgrade?  Thanks a bunch - LOVE the product, and looking forward to coming up to 4.  Support ticket is: #2276, if that helps. Take care - Robert Bone

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