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Forte 4.5 Preview is available from downloads

Mike, is it really only compatible with Windows 10 or that just the "suggested system" like before?

Staying on Windows 7 for various reasons....

Hi Antal,

Forte 4.5 actively detects the OS version and will not run if it is not Windows 10 or later.  I know this is not the answer you are looking for.  The technical issue is that DPI support has changed in almost every release since Vista, and in order to make the API work correctly I had to tag the app as Windows 10 in the application manifest.  In some cases, the new APIs would probably keep app from even loading correctly on older Windows systems.

I'd like to go Windows 10 only.  I could be persuaded to drop another 4.2.x release or so if there are specific bug fixes needed.


Ah ok, so you'll be continuing on a Windows 10 only route.

Not two separate branches for Windows 7 and Windows 10 probably.

Most musicians I know stick to Windows 7. Maybe do a poll in the forum?

I'd like to point out that I'm not experiencing any obvious bugs with 4.2.5.

I'd love to keep up to date for future feature additions and enhancements, though.

Hello Mike,

What does "Preview" mean?  Does this version have an expiry date?

Also, what does the following mean?

Trim Rack option to preserve existing plugin blobs

Thank you,

 - David

Ahh - yes I should explain that better.  It was a feature request.  Basically when you trim the rack normally it sets the scene and then captures a new scene complete with refreshed plugin blobs.  With this checked Forte will preserve the existing plugin blob (sonic setup, patch, whatever) while still cleaning up unused stuff.

The preview does not expire - its just my way of saying "use at your own risk" - its not tested very much and is for you to play around with.  You can also call it beta but I noticed many people don't really use that term much anymore.

Antal, for what it's worth, I've been using forte since Windows XP 32 bit.  I'm now on Windows 10 64 bit, and finally made the move to forte 64 bit (not an easy transition considering my production rack is more than 100MB!).  Windows 10 is quite solid, and I have no reservations in suggesting you consider upgrading.  It's been very solid for me, and I play almost every weekend, 8 hours per weekend, 100% forte and soft synths.  Best to you!

I've just been trying this out. In the scene view, when I click on a scene title on the left hand side, nothing happens. Out of scene view, the scene changes happen ok. Is it just me, Windows or Forte? I'm using a Surface Pro 4 with the latest Win 10 updates.

Good find - confirmed.

I've had a look at the Options.ini file with the view to try out the DPI aware options, but I can't find the DPI aware line. Where is it please? Am I supposed to add it in? I'm using the 32bit version of Forte


Re my last post above. I found a tick on/off button in Forte>Options>Program settings>Rack display appearance. This works and certainly makes the VST UI easier to read, but it reduces the size and quality of the pics in the performance mode window. I guess the idea is to turn the option off while editing, then turn it back on again when performing live. Is this correct?


Hi Alan, I'm glad you figured out how to do this.  I didn't really envision having to move in or out of this mode.  However it is what it is.  Its a global app setting enforced by Windows.  You may need to alter your pics in performance mode.


You won me over Mike (R)!
Upgraded my performing laptop to Windows 10 this weekend. So far no hassles, but I've yet to put it to some serious rehearsing/gigging trials...


I hope the transitions goes smoothly!

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