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Fontsize in scenelist in sceneview


I play since 1 year with forte and I`m very satisfied with it. Thanks to Forte for this good Software.

Now my question:

 Is it possible to change the fontsize from the scenelist in the modus "sceneview"? I`m now about 40 years old and my eyes are not so good :) ...


For example look too my screenshot in the attachment ...

I think SceneView uses basic CSS3 for formatting.
So it would be possible to change a lot of things...if you know how to program.


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Hi ..
I found the two .css-file and I`m able to edit....BUT which parameter should i change the font?


Nobody an idea?

Which element are you trying to resize?


#setOrderListWidget:item QLabel {
	min-height: 1pt;
	font: 12pt "Segoe UI";

is the left size set list font.

previousSetItem, currentSetItem, nextSetItem1 and nextSetItem2 are the big ones in the middle.

Hi Mike

I`m searching for resize the "Szene Quick Pick" .... 

Please look at the attachment.

OK _ sorry yes - the popup menu is not stylable currently.  Have you tried the Scene/Set Browser which is designed to do the same sort of thing but with less mouse right click.  Any thoughts on whether you like it or not?


Yes...I tried it, but I need always the lyrics :) ... 

and live on stage I must switch very fast from song to song...

AND we play without a live-songlist, because make us flexible to our audience ...

I want see all my songs i have, because I`m searching the next song from the complete list... 

and the best way in Forte-Lyrics-Screen to switch to the next song is my way .... 

Thanks for the feedback!

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