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Fontsize in scenelist in sceneview


I play since 1 year with forte and I`m very satisfied with it. Thanks to Forte for this good Software.

Now my question:

 Is it possible to change the fontsize from the scenelist in the modus "sceneview"? I`m now about 40 years old and my eyes are not so good :) ...


For example look too my screenshot in the attachment ...

I think SceneView uses basic CSS3 for formatting.
So it would be possible to change a lot of things...if you know how to program.


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Hi ..
I found the two .css-file and I`m able to edit....BUT which parameter should i change the font?


Nobody an idea?

Which element are you trying to resize?


#setOrderListWidget:item QLabel {
	min-height: 1pt;
	font: 12pt "Segoe UI";

is the left size set list font.

previousSetItem, currentSetItem, nextSetItem1 and nextSetItem2 are the big ones in the middle.

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