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The weirdest thing...

I've encountered the weirdest thing. After loading a small rack, the whole rack was out of tune by a full note! After a reboot it was back to normal again. This happened twice in two days. Anyone has a clue what may cause this?

Sorry but I can't see how Forte would do anything like that unless you had set up the transpose features.

Had the same trouble from time to time with Forte 4.2 on Win 7. It turned out that it happened anytime when Forte was still active, and I startet watching videos on Facebook or YouTube in between. Suddenly the pitch was roughly out of tume by full note when I returned to Forte. Restarting audio on Forte solved it. Seems to be an issue of the ASIO audio driver for Forte of my Echo Indigo DJX sound card with the Windows audio drivers for other audio. Please ckeck.



I have had issues when slaving the clock on my Forte PC to DAW. I run at 48k, but when someone plays a video at 44.1, my interface follows.


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